Auctions have become one of the most common methods for economic agents to trade highly valuable assets and contracts. For example, many billions of dollars has been raised worldwide from auctions of radio spectrum. Energy markets commonly rely on auctions to call existing generating assets or to procure forward capacity, and auctions have been used to allocate airport landing slots, state and local construction projects, and defense contracts.
Economists at EI are some of the leading experts worldwide on applied game theory relating to auctions. We have drawn on this expertise to analyze and respond to proposed auction designs, provide market participants with strategic advice in preparation for and during high-stakes auctions, assist in the administration of high-stakes auctions, and analyze antitrust issues that are relevant to auctions and bidding models. Examples of specific auction-related practice areas are as follows:

arrowsub   Advising bidders in high-stakes auctions
arrowsub   Assisting auction operators in administering high-stakes auctions
arrowsub   Analysis of suspected or alleged bid-rigging in auction markets
arrowsub   Calculation of bid-rigging damages
arrowsub   Analysis of a proposed merger or acquisition when the participants compete in an auction market
If you are interested in learning more about the auctions consulting services offered by Economists Incorporated, please contact  Allan Ingraham.