Economic analysis of strategic issues in business and government has become mainstays of the decision-making process. Studies are routinely used to inform business leaders about likely consequences of their decisions and to inform and influence the decisions of others. The need for economic studies has been driven by the overall importance of the economic aspects of the issues under consideration and the unique perspective that economists can bring to bear. Economic studies are used to assess the relative importance of sectors of the economy, the impact of proposed actions on businesses or government entities, the costs and benefits of proposed or past projects or decisions, the incentives that can arise from policies and many other purposes.

EI economists are well equipped with the training and analytical tools to conduct a variety of economic studies. They use standard economic models as well as innovative approaches. They apply their judgment to the problem to evaluate whether a simple approach is best suited or whether a more complicated analysis is required.


EI staff has performed a variety of economic studies in many industries including copyright industries, natural gas, accounting, and others. For example,

arrowsub   Copyright Industries in the U.S. Economy
arrowsub   Market Definition, Market Power and Entry in Light of Global Competition
arrowsub   Competition and Innovation: Relationships Between Market Structure and Innovation
arrowsub   Interstate Natural Gas Pipeline Marketing Affiliates
arrowsub   State-by-State Economic Contribution of U.S. Recording Industry
arrowsub   Reorganization of USDA Packers and Stockyards Administration
arrowsub   Cost and Control Structures in the Accounting Industry
arrowsub   Exporters to the U.S. Apparel Industry
arrowsub   Economic Importance of All-Cargo Air Carriers

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