Joseph McAnneny

B.A. University of Connecticut
M.A. Pennsylvania State University
Ph.D. George Washington University
Washington, DC Office


Damages Analysis
International Trade
Mass Media and Advertising

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Dr. McAnneny’s work as a consultant has included economic analysis of such issues as price fixing, mergers, monopolization, class actions, superfund clean-up, and damages relating to the telephone, steel, soft drink, paper, glass, railroad, radio, television and newspaper industries. Dr. McAnneny formerly served as a senior economist in the Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice. In that capacity, he had extensive experience in antitrust investigations involving the steel industry, including U.S. v. LTV Corporation, et al. Since leaving the Division, he has worked on numerous metal industry mergers involving integrated steel companies (U.S. Steel/National Steel), mini-mills (Birmingham/Seattle Steel), specialty steel companies (Armco/Cyclops), superalloy producers (Cytemp/ Special Metals), and forging companies (Gerlach/Wyman-Gordon). He has testified as an expert witness in federal district court, several state regulatory commissions and before the International Trade Commission. Dr. McAnneny has also prepared affidavits in numerous class action suits involving antitrust (Butt v. Allegheny Pepsi, D.C. Soft Drinks Antitrust Litigation, and Talbot v. Mid-Atlantic Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Inc.) and environmental (Sacramento River Spill) damages. Dr. McAnneny is the author of several publications on competitive analysis and antitrust matters.